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Is a village house a good choice?


Rents in Hong Kong have risen on a monthly basis, with rents accounting for more than half of the median income of $19,000 in 2020. Desperate for independence and not wanting to be a house slave, renting a village house would be a good choice. Village house equipment, management, environment and so on are different from foreign buildings, rent village house what should pay attention to? What details should you pay attention to when building?



1 . Village house transportation methods


The most troubling problem for village house tenants is necessarily traffic problems. Most of the village houses rely on minibuses to get in and out, minibuses may not be frequent, commute to and from the bus during rush hour or difficult to get on the bus, the last bus departure time may not be able to match the night family, resulting in the taxi to go home, increase the fare washing fees.

Some village houses are located near the hot spot of mountain punching, one to the mountain season, more disturbed by tourists, tourists fill the seats of minibuses, so that residents wait and so on, the journey home takes nearly doubled!

How much pain does waiting for the minibus? Go online to see the residents of Yuen Long Tai Tong Tsuen complain. Every winter festival, residents of various districts flock to the Country Park to see the red leaves, the problem is so serious that even district councillors have to appeal to the people outside the district not to come, saying that the red leaves are “not good”.



2. Keep an eye out for nearby passers-by


On the way to the flat, did you pass the road properly repaired? Some village houses can only be reached by road, no street lighting at night, not even the right of way around, neighbors can seal the road at any time, so that you return home without a door.
In addition to the road, but also pay attention to the road. If there is no parking at the door of the village house, or if the road is narrow, it is difficult for the truck to pass through, whether it is joined or online shopping will increase the difficulty of delivery.
Some of the newly completed village houses will be planned and built under the housing estate model, and the road will be better divided.



3. Does the rented village house have a GPS location


When you get to the village house, you can turn on your phone’s GPS and try to find out where you are. The more remote village houses may not have GPS positioning function, or misposition, in the future to send furniture, call taxis and takeaways, you have to explain the route to the other side again.
However, drivers who are usually used to driving to the village will probably recognize the village’s landmarks, such as plaques and trees, although they are not perfect and cannot go directly to their homes or be helpless.



4. Whether there is mobile phone network coverage


The communication network of village houses is more unstable, Internet access fees are usually more expensive, telecommunications providers have limited options and the waiting period for the installation of paving lines is longer. When building, you can check whether the portable communication received a signal, in advance can also go to the telecommunications provider to ask for the unit price.

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