Tin Shui Wai CE-100005

Tin Shui Wai CE-100005


Sold $5.98 million 5 minutes walk Hung Shui Kiu Downtown Village House Top floor with rooftop 3 bed rooms 2 living rooms
Building 700 sq ft/practical 650 sq ft
3 bedrooms 2 living rooms 1 kitchen 1 toilet Terrace 60 ft rooftop 700 ft
The unit is located near Tin Shui Wai West Railway Station
Walk to bus minibus station 2 minutes, light rail station 3 minutes, flood bridge city center 5 minutes
Nearby traffic includes light rail stations, KMB, West Rail shuttle buses, overnight red minibuses and green line minibuses
Shopping malls, supermarkets, markets, restaurants, restaurants and convenience stores can be found in the heart of flood bridge

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